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The Greater Impact of Letting Go of PERFECT

Many of us labor mightily to be perfect — or at least to appear perfect to the outside world. I was recently interviewed on this very topic, and I thought it would be helpful to share my views on the quest for perfection. I would love your thoughts and feedback.

Is there such a thing as perfection?

I think the notion that “perfection” exists is a total myth. We have to learn the concept of “good enough.”

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The Greater Impact of Your Voice

For the next 24 hours I am going to ask you to become very aware of your voice.

What is the tone of your voice when you answer the phone?

How do you sound when you are frustrated or upset?

What does your voice sound like when you are in a meeting and offer your opinion?

When you are giving a presentation, do you sound confident and comfortable or does your voice sound shaky and uncertain?

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The Greater Impact of Dressing for Success

I was listening to NPR last week, and thought their piece on Dressing for Success was excellent. My motto has always been, “Just because anything goes, doesn’t mean it should apply to you.” Here are some of the highlights.

Clothing changes interaction dynamics

We’re all aware that the way we dress and present ourselves has an impact on the way others see us. But what’s more, that can have a real impact on the outcome of our interactions with others.

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The Greater Impact of Joel Grey

cabaret_joel_greyWho can forget Joel Grey’s incredible performance as the Master of Ceremonies in Cabaret, the Broadway musical and movie with Liza Minnelli? His role has been described as one of the most iconic in musical theater history, and it won him numerous awards, including a 1973  Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, as well as a Tony.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing the now 83-year-old actor at the Atlanta JCC for a special book event,

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The Greater Impact of Internal Monitoring

Take a moment and think back to the last time you did or said something out of anger or frustration. Something that, on reflection, you wish you hadn’t done.

It’s in those moments that each and every one of us needs to become acutely aware of our internal monitoring system. Think of it as your own personal feedback system, an internal gauge that signals it’s time to pause, breathe and think about what you are about to say or do.

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