Nadia can help you accelerate your career and maximize your potential.

Nadia Bilchik’s Greater Impact keynotes and seminars are designed to build self-confidence and personal presence in an authentic and actionable way. Her keynotes and training focus on developing the verbal and non-verbal communication skills needed to be more impactful and persuasive, whether you are giving an in-person or online presentation, facing the media, or networking.

Nadia has been in demand as a speaker for over 25 years. She draws on her vast experience at the frontline of broadcasting to reveal the secrets of more powerful communication. She has anchored for MNET TV South Africa and hosted various shows for CNN International and Weekend Passport on CNN. During her career, she has interviewed key political figures and entertainers such as Nelson Mandela, George Clooney, and Tom Hanks. Her background has given her an extraordinary understanding of communication with small and large audiences in person and on camera.

Nadia Bilchik