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Achieve Greater Impact Every Time You Communicate

Designed to encourage self-confidence and enhance your personal presence, Nadia’s Greater Impact seminars focus on developing the verbal and non-verbal skills that you need to be more impactful, whether you are giving a presentation, facing the media or networking.

During these seminars, she will point out things that we could inadvertently be doing to sabotage ourselves and how we can ultimately project a persona that is articulate, magnetic, savvy and gracious. Ultimately she encourages you to adopt a new frame of mind and practice acquired techniques.

Networking for Success

Kick Your Relationships Up a Notch! Enhancing Career Relationships

This highly motivational, team building workshop is designed to encourage self-confidence and introduce strategies for enhancing career relationships. In today’s highly competitive world, building relationships through the use of interpersonal skills is critical in attracting new business and cultivating existing business.

Members of every organization can positively impact the business regardless of their job. This riveting program will show participants proven ways to improve professional and personal relationships by creating opportunities to learn from others and discover unexplored options.

Learn to:

  • Connect networking and learn how to make it work on both an individual and company level
  • Overcome anxiety about developing new relationships
  • Start and maintain memorable conversations
  • Quickly assess people and relating to them in the most appealing way
  • Make the long-term investment in others so they want to invest in your success
  • Effectively maintain relationships
  • Enhance your virtual networking capability

Nadia is the author of THE LITTLE BOOK OF BIG NETWORKING IDEAS, A Guide to Expert Networking.

Books can be ordered on the Author page, available as half or full day interactive program.

Networking for Success: Cross-Cultural Networking

Networking to Create an Effective and Diverse Business Environment

The purpose of this highly interactive, transformational two-hour workshop is to first guide each participant to their own unique perspective on the importance of diversity in driving innovation and growth. Then, each workshop participant will learn particular networking skills as critical tools in creating this diverse, innovative environment.

Primary focus:

  • Understand the value that multi-cultural perspective brings to your company
  • Gain a clearer understanding the various contextual and culturally-based meanings of multi-cultural
  • Gain a deeper understanding of diversity and inclusion
  • Gain skills and insights that enable them to engage in cross-cultural networking
  • Gain the ability to adapt to different personality and cultural styles to facilitate more effective business relationships
  • Jointly develop and explore suggested strategies for your company to deal with multi-cultural perspectives

Format and Presentation:

The program is an interactive, focused presentation in a small group setting. Each participant will have adequate opportunity to both listen and to contribute to a creative setting that will build opportunities for diversity in business networking.

Executive Presence

Course Description Overview:

This engaging seminar will explore attributes that contribute to Executive Presence and common “fatal flaws” that detract from it. Participants will receive personalized feedback on their communication style, meeting style and presentation style using assessments and video-taped exercises. Participants will leave this program with a prioritized Action Plan.

Learning Objectives:

  • Choosing appropriate clothing based on whether an event/meeting/culture is business professional or business casual
  • Elevating your personal presence
  • Conducting yourself and your work in an intentional and thoughtful manner
  • Engaging in conversations that are purposeful
  • Using active listening techniques
  • Explaining your communication style to others and understand your own communication limitations
  • Engaging in conversations that are useful for all participants
  • Creating and implementing a plan to be effective in meetings
  • Crafting and delivering an engaging speech
“The Executive Presence training you did for us was the very best in my 28 years with the Home Depot. I have taken many classes, and this information is invaluable, it can be used by every single person on a daily basis. You combine great substance with humor and energy.”

— Chris Owens
The Home Depot

Professional Presence

  • How to Persuade and Influence with the use of Verbal and Non-verbal communication
  • Understand what enhances your presence and what inadvertently sabotages you
  • How to keep your audience’s attention in a digital age
  • How anyone can be more compelling
  • How to quickly assess people and relate to them in the most appealing way
  • How to speak with a powerful and persuasive voice
  • How to ensure that you are really heard
  • How to unleash our personal presence in the workplace and beyond

Maximizing Media Impact

Making the Most of Media: (Keynote or Workshop)
Staying on track when dealing with T.V., radio, or print reporters

Designed with two main thrusts—the first phase covers overall strategies for demonstrating competence, confidence and compatibility with all types of media. Additionally, for participants whose role requires deeper, more intense training, the program offers event-driven follow-up and coaching, as needed. These phases are summarized more fully below:

Making the Most of Media: This training session will create a new awareness and understanding of the media and help participants effectively navigate through difficult interviews with television, print, radio or Internet-based reporters. This session will expose participants to all types of challenging questions “from the trenches.” The keynote or training session includes focus on:

  • Informal focus-questions to allow each individual to better understand their current level of ability in handling media-related events
  • How the media works—demystifying the media; what you need to know about the differences in TV, radio, print, wire, etc.
  • Media strategy & message planning (understanding your audience and developing key messages, soundbites, flagging, bridging, segueing, etc.)
  • Successfully delivering your message: on-camera and microphone exercises with role-play relevant to your organization
  • Importance of public demeanor: voice quality, and overall approach to camera, microphones and public image in general
  • What if you’re in the hot seat?
  • Filming, practice interviews and class critique (where desired and included in GIC’s customized package)

Customer Service Representative (CSR) Training

As the first line of contact with customers, CSRs have a unique and challenging opportunity to influence customer perception and loyalty. Today, superior customer service is critical to the continued success of any service organization. The program is designed not only to improve a CSRs performance but to increase customer satisfaction.

Customer Care and Call Handling Skills for CSRs

The training consists of four 50 minute modules. Each module is skill-based and includes reinforcement tools that are designed to engage participants in fast-paced team activities, simulations, quick skill drills, line practice, and role-plays guaranteed to make learning fast, effective, and exciting. This innovative approach has also been designed to ensure real behavioral change in CSRs.

Items that will be covered are how to:

  • Immediately build rapport and connect with customers.
  • Use voice tone and key words to build empathy.
  • Reduce escalated and repeat calls.
  • Use professional inbound call management procedures to handle every call.
  • Calm upset and complaining customers.
  • Effectively use problem-solving, questioning, and solution exploring techniques.
  • Convey unpleasant information and negotiate solutions.
  • Resolve complaints and save customers.

Participants will receive a training manual filled with customized job aids; team-building activities, personal assessments and improvements, effective telephone techniques, and tips on handling challenging customers.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand basic telephone skills and etiquette.
  • How to use effective listening skills to resolve customer calls and questions.
  • How to use questioning skills to quickly assess a customer call and provide resolution.
  • How to assess your customer’s preferred communications style.
  • How to maintain control, quality, efficiency and professionalism through powerful questioning techniques.
  • Become skilled at identifying causes of customer dissatisfaction.
  • Learn how to use a proven customer satisfaction process (S.U.C.C.E.E.D.) to present customers with resolutions to their problems.

The training will also incorporate and reinforce company specific improvement goals such as product knowledge level, company policies, and the organization’s specific protocols for customer service interactions.


Nadia Bilchik is a well-known television news anchor, keynote speaker, trainer and communications consultant on several continents. She has also anchored and hosted various feature programs for CNN International. Nadia’s unique, fun, and practical approach to communication skills comes from her experience in training, keynote addresses and in interviewing world-renowned figures, celebrities, and corporations.

Suzanne Hanein has been a communications and performance consultant formore than 20 years, providing effective communications and workplace learning programs with measurable business results. Suzanne spent 14 years at UPS working as Training and Communications Manager in several corporate departments such as Human Resources, Business Development, Sales Training and Marketing. Additional experience includes positions at the Georgia Department of Technical and Adult Education and Sprint Communications.

Frontline Presence

Using Professional Presence to Maintain Effective Frontline Relationships

All frontline professionals in service-focused environments must possess the ability to effectively evaluate client needs as well as present information effectively and professionally. Frontline employees are often met by people who are experiencing frustration. Therefore, professional presence becomes critical in maintaining a calm, caring atmosphere that ensures an effective work and service environment for everyone.

Each workshop attendee will be introduced to particular aspects of personal presence and learn to regard them as critical tools in creating an effective, motivating, and customer-focused environment.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the critical importance of professional presence in all work-related relationships and interactions
  • Gain a clearer understanding the various contextual and culturally-based aspects of professional presence
  • Understand the various components of professional presence
  • Physical components of professional presence: dress, demeanor, facial expression, body language, etc.
  • Virtual components of professional presence: telephone and email etiquette, vocal tone, etc.

Training Partner: Kat Cole

Kat ColeKat Cole,
Executive Coach & Vice President of Multi-National Restaurant Chain
Leadership Speaker and Consultant

Kat Cole is Vice President of Training and Development for Hooters of America, Inc., the international and privately held corporation, which operates and franchises restaurants, manages the Hooters Brand Entities and generates approximately $1 Billion in annual revenue. She reports directly to the CEO as a member of the Executive Team and has directed projects, departments and initiatives with budgets ranging from $30,000 to $5 million, contributing to growth of brand extensions and restaurant units to the current 460+ in 27 countries.

Ms. Cole has over a decade of multi-disciplined experience in Change Management, Communications, Service, Sales, and Brand & Organizational Leadership and is a featured speaker and panelist on these topics for various industries, associations and universities. As a results-focused executive, Ms. Cole has successfully created and evolved relevant, cost effective training and development programs, contributing to increased sales, profits and talent retention. She has played a key role in research, strategy and integration for various non-traditional brand extensions and revenue-building initiatives, has led training on 4 continents, and was instrumental in evolving Hooters’ Corporate Universities and Development Programs for International and Domestic Operations. She created Hooters of America, Inc.’s Diversity and Inclusion Training, founded the Hooters Women’s Forum and developed various Hooters University workshops for International and Domestic Operations. She partnered with her executive team to lead research, training and communication strategy for the transition to a “full spirits” business model, currently driving millions in revenue and profit increases across the Hooters system.

“…after your Networking seminar, sales went up dramatically. You’ve given us an edge over the competition.”

— Valerie Levin
Prudential Georgia Realty

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