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The Nadia Bilchik Digital Academy is the learning epicenter for the professional who is ready to take themselves to the next level by acquiring the mindset and skill set to communicate with greater impact both in-person and virtually. Should you purchase today, you will get a half an hour of personalized coaching.

For individual purchases, please use our online store, below. For group purchases, please contact us. See also Nadia's bio.

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Courses available for purchase:

Webcam Confidence

Overcome fear and anxiety in the workplace, learn tips and tricks to eliminate self-sabotage, and deliver a message that gets results. Preview this course:

Web Camera Confidence

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Own Your Network

Nadia's Own Your Network webinar teaches you expert networking in person and online. Nurture your existing network, and bring new people in. Preview this course:

Own Your Network

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Cultivating a Leadership Brand

Learn how to cultivate a leadership brand by maximizing your presence & leveraging the power of your personal brand.

Own Your Network

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